"stellar live shots and portraiture. alyssa's always in the trenches, and, as an added bonus, is reliable, efficient, and happens to be a total sweetheart."
-Alison Zero, Girlie Action Media & Marketing

"Alyssa captured the energy of our show, and did it all without ever getting in the way of the performance"
-John Flansburgh, They Might be Giants

"Alyssa Scheinson is not only a pleasure to deal with but her photos kick ass."
-Jim Merlis, Geffen Records

"Your photos are wonderful!! You are really an incredible photographer. And John said he had a great time working with you."
-John Frusciante's Publicist

"Hey Alyssa!...The pics are great."
-Nick Arson, The Hives

"alyssa!!!...i'm amazed! these pix ruuuule!...thank you!"
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-Kenny, American Analog Set

"Alyssa!! Wow thank you very very much! They came out really nice... it was nice meeting you!!"
-Jimmy LaValle, The Album Leaf

"Those turned out great!!! Wow!...Thanks so much!!"
-Jimmy LaValle, The Album Leaf

"Thank you very much. those pics look great."
-Sean Lennon

"Your stuff looks rad."
-Dizzy Reed, Guns N' Roses

"Your work is truly superb."
-Ken Stringfellow

"Your photos are seriously great. Love the Ash & PJ Harvery shots, but they're all really impressive."
-Andy, Ivy/Brookville

"...your stuff is amazing... colors, composition, everything... i'd be honored if you'd shoot me someday..."
-Cary Brothers

"Hey Alyssa...your pics from the NY Webster show are great! Thanks for making us look good..."
-Glynn, Nic Armstrong & The Thieves

"Thanx so much for the photos, Alyssa! They're really great..."
-Max, The High Speed Scene

"...your shots are great."
-Lukas Haas

"Hey, I really liked your work."
-Edward Furlong

"Great shots! Epic pic of PJ!...thanks, Alyssa..."
-Brian Ray, Paul McCartney's touring guitar player

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"...awesome photo..."
-Jordan Galland, Dopo Yume

"beautiful work, alyssa!!!!...very impressive and i thank you for your talent, imagination, and effort."
-Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine

"Alyssa is the ultimate professional; whether it's compelling live performance shoots or intriguing posed sessions, she's where she's supposed to be, at the time she's supposed to be there, to get the perfect shot. "
-Joe Joyce, Amplifier Magazine

"...I like your photos. They seem straight-forward and honest."
-Anthony Molina, Mercury Rev

"...Love your photos!"
-Alex Thomas, Badly Drawn Boy

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-Simon, Steadman

"Alyssa, You are truly amazing and I can't thank you enough. You made me feel so relaxed and comfortable...Everyone absolutley loves your work...You ROCK!!!!"
-Arthur Lynn, Angiescreams

"...thanks for shooting us!...the photo's are great btw, you've really captured the mood. thanks from me and the band!"
-Glynn Wedgewood, IV Thieves

"These look excellent! Really!...Thanks so much..."
-Max Tepper, The Natural History

"the photos of BRMC look great! I have many favorites."
-Guitar Player Magazine

"alyssa these are great, again!...thank you again - i love it when you take these live pictures."
-Steve Schiltz, Longwave

"really enjoyed these shots....your eyes know details, for sure. i like the quality of your black and white portraits too...very visceral (like Avedon)"
-Alexander Nixon, Gotham Magazine

"Alyssa! It was such a pleasure working with you! We all sincerely LOVED the work you did for us..."
-James Brogan, Primed Entertainment

"Alyssa has the ability to quickly capture the essence of her subjects and provide a compelling and artisitic vision of them. She is a truely exceptional photographer and we've always been delighted to work with her."
-Yuzuru, Changing Modes

"Your photos are amazing. True art. The stuff from the Interpol show nailed their music. Hands down the best rock photography I've ever seen."
-George, Full Color Radio PR

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-Yuzuru, Changing Modes

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-Full Color Radio

"good job."
-Rolling Stone (Sigur Ros Photo)

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-Guitar Player Magazine (Longwave Photos)

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-Kyle Fischer, Rainer Maria

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-Capitol International (Doves Photos)

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"It was a pleasure meeting the talent behind such lovley photographs. We hope to work with you in the near future."
-Sons Of Sound

"Hi Alyssa...We really loved the last set from Roseland. They turned out great!"
-Robbers on High Street

"Hey Alyssa, Really dig your photos."
-Rishi, The High Dials

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-Mark Mulcahy

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-David Mead

"Alyssa...your photgraphy is absolutely stunning. You capture the live performance better than any I have ever seen. It's one thing to take good picture of the artists while the lights are at full color, primarily making a decent live shot, but you catch the total energy or moment of the performance. Absolutely awesome."
-Ken Wingate, President-IFI Music

"Alyssa, I really dig your stuff!"
-Christian Finnegan