My First Blog

May 17, 2017

Hello! Welcome to my first blog!

I'm ridiculously shy and never considered myself to be much of a writer so this might be a bit of a challenge. A good one I believe.

I feel like the best place to start is with the most important person in my life, my Mom. Mom gave me my first camera when I was about 8 years old. She must have seen something in me that no one else had yet seen. My love and passion for photography is close to impossible to describe. But ever since that day, I pretty much carried a camera around with me everywhere I went, documenting everything that interested me: family, friends, sunsets, light, and shadow.

Perhaps my Mom viewed photography as the perfect creative outlet for me because I have always been so shy. It helped build my confidence.

I've always felt most comfortable behind the camera. In a way I was kind of hiding, it was almost like a security blanket for me. Still is. But when behind the lens, it was like nothing else existed, just me and the moment I was capturing. I felt invisible and yet totally present. I felt uninhibited and confident. I was my true self when taking photos. I am my true self when taking photos. Why am I speaking in the past tense? Perhaps because I have not been shooting so much lately. Perhaps that was one of my reasons for starting this blog. It's another outlet. A way for me to reach out. A way for me to connect and reconnect. A way for me to dive head first back into photography and start creating again, so I can start referring to my work as a photographer in the present tense rather than the past. It is fully in my heart.

So am I doing this right? Too much info? Too much like a journal or diary? No worries. As long as it resonates with some of you.

In honor of Mother's Day this past weekend, I'd like to share with you what I believe to be one of my first photographs. This is my Mom, in 1983. I was 8.

A very happy belated Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms, Mothers and Mommies.

Mom, 1983.


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